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Fleur de Sureau Elderflower Liqueur

131-1435-9899553 | Fleur de Sureau Elderflower Liqueur

Fleur de Sureau is a nod to the French tradition of gathering elderflowers and other botanicals for use in liqueurs in the Alps (fleur de sureau is French for elderflower). With all the Elder trees growing (as ornamentals – they are not native to Colorado) around our distillery, we were inspired to harvest their flowers from kind neighbors and create this spirit. It is a higher proof liqueur than most which helps it stand up in cocktails and makes it a lively digestif when served neat, over ice, or in a glass of sparkling wine.

Ingredient List

  • Spirit distilled from dry Riesling wine
  • Dried elderflower
  • Colorado honey

Fleur de Sureau is bottled at 35% ABV


Colorado: Elite Brands, High Country Beverage

California, New York, Illinois, Florida: LibDib




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